10,000 Cancers in Canada: Building Hazards a Major Job Risk

Thanks to 13 major occupational carcinogens, 10,000 Canadians per year suffer from cancer, a recent report from the Occupational Cancer Research Centre claims. Many of these hazards are associated with buildings and the construction industry. The 13 (with the estimated number of cancer sufferers) are:

solar ultraviolet radiation (4,600)

asbestos (2,390)

diesel engine exhaust (760)

crystalline silica (570)

night-shift work (470–1,200)

welding fumes (310)

polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH, 260)

radon (190)

secondhand smoke (185)

nickel compounds (170)

arsenic (60)

chromium VI (50)

benzene (25)

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Risicovolle stoffen in MKB, een veilige weg naar beheer

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